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The origins

MoonMoon launched 21 April 2021 and on 23 April at 5AM UTC PancakeSwap (PCS) began their migration to upgraded PCS v2 Router and Factory smart contracts.

As MOONMOON’s initial liquidity pool tokens were locked on v1 PCS contracts, this meant that initial liquidity could no longer be withdrawn or migrated to the new PCS v2 contracts…

Oh noes!

The migration timing proved a great nuisance for our community members seeking to trade $MOONMOON as there were several technical difficulties and transitional hiccups over the 2 day period that it took for PCS to migrate to the new v2 contracts.

Throughout this time…

Moonie Gang,

MoonStarter will be launching the first initial decentralized offering (IDO) project in the near future and this will be YOUR chance to get in on the GROUND FLOOR of a brand spanking new token before anyone else!

Many people have asked how you find tokens earlier than everyone else, and well, MoonStarter is the solution.

The MoonStarter IDO launchpad will be a platform where newly established projects and teams can raise money in exchange for the project’s newly minted tokens. …

To our beloved MoonMoon community,

It’s been 12 days since we first took flight and it honestly feels like it’s already been 12 weeks. Things have been non-stop from the get-go and it doesn’t look like things are slowing down anytime soon!

So here comes a mission report and update for what we’ve accomplished thus far as a team and a community.

💮Listings Galore💮

Two days after launch MoonMoon got listed on CoinGecko.

A few days following this our FIRST exchange listing with HotBit was announced, and the NEXT day came Bibox’s listing!

Shortly after these events CoinMarketCap also listed $MOONMOON..

Everyone kept asking us about our roadmap so instead of keeping you in the dark to surprise you all we decided to reveal it so you could all revel and rejoice instead :)

Much love goes out to our MOONIE community!

You are what makes us hustle so hard and want to turn MoonMoon into what we believe it can truly become.

Now let’s go out there and GET IT! #moonmoonnation

P.S. Some great stuff to come in the near future…

We’re excited.

🌐 Website:

🔗 BSC Address: 0x0e0e877894a101Ad8711AE3A0194Fa44Ca837a79
💴 Pancake Swap v1
💴 HotBit MOONMOON/USDT Trading Pair

Moonies, many have asked about our roadmap that has been kept private thus far and well today we’re very excited to share one part of our roadmap by presenting to you MOONSTARTER:

MoonStarter will be an IDO launchpad for the community, built by the community.

Focused on being a FAIR launchpad platform for the community; projects will range from small cap gems to high quality meme tokens, and also include value-add blockchain protocols.

This synergistic long-term win-win serves both crypto projects and our lovely Moonies as new projects will gain exposure to our community with Moonies getting the chance…

This is a guide on how to purchase $MOONMOON tokens using MetaMask.

  1. Download and Install MetaMask here
  2. Import wallet if you have an existing wallet, otherwise select ‘Create a Wallet”.

Your Funds are SAFU.

MoonMoon launched 8 hours ago and it’s been one crazy ass ride so far with more to come!

Buried Tokens

Within the first hour of launch MoonMoon devs buried 58% of the token supply deep underground where no doggos may EVER go!

This leaves MoonMoon’s total circulating supply at 420,000,000,000,000 tokens:

“wheRe tokenSz?”

Liquidity Chained and Leashed Up

Shortly after the token burn, liquidity was locked for an entire year (roughly ~10 years normal time after “crypto time distortion” effect). No chance for you to get rugged here my frens.

Just when you tie your good doggos down with a leash, you can chill…

Puppers, gather up!

In celebration of our successful launch, we will be running a first MEME COMPETITION worth a total of 6 $BNB.

This competition will last 3 days and begins IMMEDIATELY.


  1. Memes can come in the form of images, GIFS, texts, videos or any content format. Needless to say, only MoonMoon related memes qualify ;)
  2. Memes must be posted on Twitter under the hashtags #MoonMoon #MoonMoonMeme with @MoonMoonCash tagged.


1st place: 3 x $BNB
2nd place: 2 x $BNB
3rd place: 1 x $BNB

The meme with the most retweets gets first place. Second and third places will be chosen by the MoonMoon team!

Ready, set, go!

Who? Who, who, who, who?

MoonMoon did!

Ladies and gentlemen, WE HAVE LIFT-OFF!

The latest and greatest meme token has launched and is now headed straight for the moon..

MoonMoon is set to take the cryptosphere by storm via the use of high-tech innovative memes that attracts and builds a united community.

All you need to know about MoonMoon can be found below:

Wow, what was that…?

Did you just hear that?









You know what that means, right..?


It’s time to rally the Wolf Pack.


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